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i liked it, it was well animated and i didn't know how it was going to end. well done

CIA responds:

Thanks! i appreciate it!

sweet deal

That movie was really fucking good. the music accompanying the monologue added the perfect creepy touch. i look foward to more amazing work from you

stickboybob responds:

thank you so much!
this is actually only my3rd flash ever!

please shut the fuck up CallMeDunne30

fuck what the last guy said, this movie didn’t need action. I’ve watched this film about 3 times and I can see all the thought and work that was put into it.

Graphics: 9
I liked the graphics, I thought they were more then adequate. The variety of angles F U clock was drawn in were numerous and clever. Lots of detail was put into strawberry clocks pedals, and FU clocks hand stuff like little wrinkles around the joints.

Style: 8
I liked the style

Sound: 10
I think the sound was perfect, the computer voices were clear and the music fit perfectly to the story.

Violence: 5
Honestly I was expecting more violence considering the name of the film, however there were some good war shots in the early portion of the film and there was of course the battle between strawberry and carrot clock. Honestly I don’t think this movie needed a lot of violence.

Humor: 5
Thought it was funny when strawberry clock said “you cannot kill strawberry clock… bitch”

Overall: 10
Overall I feel this film really had a soul and I really enjoyed it, the message advocated peace, and that isn’t such a bad thing, not all animations need to promote violence to be good. I feel the score you got 3.84 is very unfair considering how much time you put into this. 5 months in the making, that’s crazy, 3.84, that just makes me depressed for you.

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very addicting

Very fun and addicting, I really liked the assortment of weapons to choose from

flame862 responds:

thanks, glad you liked it.

i'd like to ask why i received a 4 for sound though...


"!HELP ME!!" lol the stupid hostages!!!

no end

Great game man, i played until i had a million dollers then quit because i realised there was no end in sight.

For all those pansies who complain about how hard the game is my advice is... go beat off because its one activity you will find you can always win at.

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